Yep. We’re Those Guys.

I used to hate those guys. Actually, I still kind of do hate them. You know the guys - the ones who run a point-to-point race, then turn around and run back to the start “to get their miles in.” Or worse, the ones who show up early for a race and go for a run before the race even starts!

Well, tomorrow, the 6am boys are those guys. The training schedule calls for a long run, but the calendar says it’s race day. And races being infinitely more fun than long runs, we wouldn’t miss the ATC’s Hearts & Soles 5K. So, to meet our mileage requirements, we’re going for a pre-race run of 4 miles. After all, the ultimate goal here is the marathon.

So please don’t hate us if you see us on our “extended warm-up” before the race, especially if you’re a beginning runner. I know it’s annoying to feel like it takes every ounce of effort you have just to finish a race, so how dare these bozos show off like that? The real truth is that we’re just learning how to treat each race as part of our training for a long-term goal, not just an end unto itself. In a sense, a runner is always a newbie, always learning how each piece fits into the plan.

Yeah, we’re those guys. But we’re good guys, too. It’s a long way to Chicago. Go easy on us.

- Phil

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